Instrument Pricing

The following is a guide to the models I currently make. If you would like to discuss something that is not on this list please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me here. Current waiting time is 36 months. To order an instrument I ask for a deposit of £200 to confirm a place on my waiting list.

Plain & Veneered

A plain instrument will typically have a neck and pegbox of plum, pear, servicewood, maple or similar, without points or half edging to the soundboard. A veneered instrument will have an ebony veneered neck and pegbox, ebony points and ebony half edging to the soundboard.

Instruments Price
Six Course £4950
Seven Course £5230
Eight Course £5320
Nine Course £5410
Ten Course £4510
Eleven Course £5860
Twelve Course £7375
Thirteen Course Bass Rider £6810
Thirteen Course Swan Neck £7085
Archlute 67cms. 19 ribs £7830
Archlute 67 cms. 31 Ribs £8470
Chitaronne 78/82cms. 25 ribs £9320
French Theorbo £86850
Guitar French Flat Back £5850
Guitar Italian Vaulted Back £5980
Vihuela Flat Back £4980
Vihuela Vaulted Back £5180

Benjamin Narvey

To choose an instrument is to choose a musical companion, one that can help you along your way to achieving your artistic goals. I have always found Martin’s lutes to be amongst the very best companions possible: they are fantastically warm, responsive, balanced, powerful and reliable instruments. Martin is one of the great craftsmen who can seamlessly blend his great knowledge of historical instruments with virtuosic lutemaking skills. I cannot recommend his instruments highly enough.

Benjamin Narvey